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Stefan Molyneux talk about the fall of Milo

February 23, 2017

Stefan Molyneux talk about the fall of Milo

Editorial Comment:

Stefan does an excellent and balanced breakdown of what suddenly went wrong with Milo’s career.

My personal opinion is that Milo is finished.  I think that too many Conservatives choose to support Milo because he was ‘the enemy of their enemies’.

This is a very dangerous position to take as it can often lead people to ignore warning signs and character flaws in your hero that you would condemn in your enemy.

Publically there were many issues that Milo gave voice to that might have raised alarm bells with conservatives.

Was Milo the victim of a witch hunt?  Certainly.

Are other people guilty of similar outbursts?  Yes. I am looking at you, Bill Maher and George Takei.

Is Milo also a victim of his own actions? Without question. He has so many unanswered questions that he cannot bury this in a robust press conference.  What happened to all those parties he claimed he witnessed? Is he willing name names now?


Was Milo just letting his mouth run away before his brain was in gear?

I will be surprised if his career is not finished.  Whether he can pick up the pieces of his life and move on is another question.

Only one way back.  Redemption.


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