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The Thomas Smith vs Sargon of Akkad Debate was a Total Waste of Time

October 11, 2017

The Thomas Smith vs Sargon of Akkad Debate was a Total Waste of Time

The art of debate has now been replaced with the art of the snarky retort.

I sat to watch what I hoped would be an intellectual, amusing and enlightening debate between two ideological opposites, I hoped that I would be clearer about what they believe and more enlightened about where they are coming from.  What I saw instead was an embarrassing display of juvenile taunts and personal insults at each other.  Though I am very familiar with Sargon of Akkad and I have enjoyed many of his videos, I have little clue who Thomas Smith is.  Unfortunately, I know even less about this man and his views by the end of this debate.

The debate started with Thomas flinging a series of moral condemnations at Sargon for what he had said in his past tweets. Tweet trolling?  Are you kidding me? The “I would not even rape you” quote by Sargon seemed to be a personal obsession that Thomas had hoped would crush the reputation of his opponent in front of the crowd.  Sargon did not care and nor did much of the crowd that hooted, hollered and called out comments.  At that point, any pretense of intellectualism was over as each person took a hostile position of using their own ideological position to morally condemn the other person.  What was left from this?  Certainly no agreement, no clarification, no epiphany.  No, it was just a shouting match with all the qualities of two angry neighbors shouting insults at each other over a fence.  Neither one offered a reason to accept their views because they were far more interested in crushing each other than they were in informing the audience.

At the heart of Sargon’s sense of injustice was the attempt to have him de-Platformed.  At the heart of Thomas’s outrage was his absolute disgust of Sargon,  The only thing clearer than their hatred for each other’s ideological positions was how much they clearly detested each other.  At times the referee had to step in to stop the two men from their endless bickering.  It was soul destroying to watch two adults acting like spoilt children crying over who pulled whose pigtail.  “You are bad”, “No, you are bad” is not an argument. It is white noise.

So bad was the contempt for each other that they even started bickering during the Q&A sessions. (Several times).  If this is brightest and best of the intellectual YouTubers then the bar is set very low indeed.  Only the referee had sense enough to bring the ugly street brawlers back to caring what the audience wanted. ie: Answer the questions.

At one point an audience member made the observation that the two were talking past each other and not to each other. They basically talking over each other, only stopping occasionally to listen for a comment that they can pounce on and condemn.  This is a very juvenile way of running debate as leads to nothing more than aggression and cheap point scoring.  Was the entire audience so shallow that all they wanted to see was a snobbish version of Jerry Springer?  I do not think so.

The farce climaxed when Thomas Smith declared that his time was up and promptly left the stage.  Sargon looked both stunned and delighted by the cowardly retreat and was left to answer further questions alone.  Poor Thomas, letting outrage get the better of him may prove to be Meme fuel.

If anyone thinks that this debate achieved anything of any substance, then they are mistaken.  Thomas Smith baited Sargon of Akkad with taunts and insults but Sargon foolishly jumped at the bait and responded in kind.  Despite doing their best to defend their position both men lost their minds and in an attempt to intellectually crush their enemy.  What was the point?

In short, the debate was waste of time and despite the injection of noble-sounding words, was bereft of any intellectualism.   Some people may walk away from this debate pointing at the cheap shot as if they are absolute takedowns of the other person.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Thomas and Sargon both came out of this looking like sneering prats who hate each other. This kind of contempt can be found anywhere and it is depressing to watch.

The only advice I can give each party is to avoid each other.  Clearly, this intellectual debate stuff is beyond you. Now you both look two nerds in an MMA cage throwing limp wristed swipes in each other’s direction.  That is how much of a fool you made of yourselves.

Editorial Comment:

Girls, girls, you are both beautiful.

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