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Cardinal Pell should sue Alex Jones

November 30, 2017

Cardinal Pell should sue Alex Jones

Editorial Comment:

I said it before.  Don’t chain yourself to the Alex Jones crazy train.  It is completely off the rails.

His latest evidence-free editorial.  Claim that the deputy Pope, Cardinal Pell has trafficked over 100 boys to blackmail the Vatican.

An extraordinary claim.  Where’s his evidence? Zip.

He goes to claim that Pell has been arrested.  He has not been arrested.  This is false.

40 years ago, Cardinal Pell was a very small fish with little influence or authority in the church.  Does Alex seriously want us to believe that Pell set this up so long ago.

Perhaps Alex has finally lost his mind or he can no longer distinguish between his bigotries and his conspiracy theories.

Nowhere in the media has there been any reports on Cardinal Pell that have come close to what Alex is claiming,  He just made it all up to feed his most scandal-hungry and deranged audience members.

Cardinal Pell should sue the smug smile off Alex’s ill-informed face.

On a side note, Popes do not have deputies.

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