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Running People Over in Melbourne

December 23, 2017

Running People Over in Melbourne

There seems to be either mass confusion of mass cowardice when dealing with any incidents that have the slightest hint of terrorism about it.  The latest attack on civilians in the center of Melbourne, where a driver drove over pedestrians crossing one of the busiest intersects in the city.  It was reported that over 13 people (including a toddler) were hospitalized as a  result, with some in critical condition.

From every angle this horrific. The driver chose the busiest time of day on the largest and busiest pedestrian crossing in Melbourne to plow through the unsuspecting crowd.  His passenger was apparently filming it all as it took place.  Witnesses described the sound of people being deliberately hit as the SUV continued to accelerate.  Only an accidental collision with a tram-stop bollard prevented this carnage from being worse.  An off-duty police officer was lucky enough to reach the SUV and arrest the driver before he escaped.  Within minutes the emergency services arrived to deal the mess of casualties strewn across the road.

Instantly, the suspicion of Islamic Terrorism is the most reasonable position,  However, every effort was made to distract the public from this possibility.  Even before the pictures of the driver were released to the press, the police were telling the public that driver was known to police and had a history of mental illness. (Whatever that means.) The driver’s name was later revealed to be Saeed Noori, an Afghan refugee who was rambling on the mistreatment of Muslims after he was arrested.  Yet the police were assuring us that it was unlikely to be a terrorist attack.

Things did make sense in the: “Not links to Terrorism” mantra.  The passenger of the SUV was filming the event as the carnage was taking place. The so-called ice-addicted driver appeared to be very healthy and strong.  If we are to believe that he was in a psychotic episode then how did Saeed Noori plan all of this?  Why did the attack follow the same M.O. as ISIS’s instructions?

Now the authorities are slowly becoming less adamant in the conviction that there is no link to terrorism to saying that they are looking at the issue.

“We haven’t ruled out terrorism and we continue to explore it. I’ve said that from the outset, but it’s about not jumping to conclusions. It’s about exploring the evidence and the evidence will ultimately take it where it does and if that means it’s a terrorist event, so be it,” Acting Chief Commissioner Shane Patton said.

Whatever the result of the investigation it is not unreasonable to suspect a terrorist organization when the action of a driver imitates what has happened elsewhere.

It is early days in the investigation but I suspect that the “Nothing to do with Islamic Terrorism” mantra will be drummed for all that it is worth.  The only problem is what happens if it does turn out to be a terrorist attack, lone wolf or otherwise?

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