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Michael Davis of the Spectator gives his opinion on Cardinal Pell’s conviction

March 9, 2019

Michael Davis of the Spectator gives his opinion on Cardinal Pell’s conviction

” Like you, I want to drag every single abuser and enabler out of the shadows and force them to face their crimes. But if we’re to have serious reform, we can’t treat mere accusations as proof of guilt, if that is what occurred here. Surely due process must be observed, and innocence presumed? Anything less is a witch-hunt – or, should I say, a priest-hunt.”

“Pell’s cause is an unpopular one, to say the least. Our taste-makers decided to destroy this man long ago. But, if his conviction goes uncontested, who will be next? Who else will be condemned in the eyes of law without forensic evidence or corroborating witnesses? Who else will be imprisoned because he fails to conform to fashionable opinion? Me, perhaps. Or you. Mark my words: if the third-most senior prelate in the Roman Catholic Church isn’t safe, we don’t stand a chance. This, in my opinion, is a fight for Australians’ basic civil liberties. I personally believe that, if Cardinal Pell’s conviction isn’t overturned, we’ve already lost.”

Michael Warren Davis is an Associate Editor at the Catholic Herald.


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