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ScoMo Wins Government in Australia

May 19, 2019

It was close to midnight Eastern Time in Australia when the opposition leader Bill Shorted took to the stage to concede defeat in the federal election. What was expected to be the unlosable election was lost. They was no swing to the opposition Labour Party across the country, despite opinion poll after opinion poll claim some kind of groundswell. Early in the night it was obvious that all the campaigning was producing zero traction across the nation. Suburban working class seats that were tradionally the heart land of Labour voters in New South Wales were falling to LNP Coalition government. Queensland was a disaster for Labour. By 8.30pm, just two and half hours after polls closed, it was obvious that the Labour Part were not receiving any major swing in their direction.

Jubalent expectation died quickly in the opposition and was transformed into a somber mood of defeat. They knew what was coming and only held out hope that as counting in the western states came there might be a few gain to flip the result or at best create a hung parliament. No such hope came as the people of Australia decided that the status quo of the current government was far better than the risk of change. The election that was reputed to in the bag for Labour was over.

The Liberal National Part Coalition did have one significant loss with the defeat for the former Prime Minister Tony Abbott to a new commer independant. His defeat was most likely due the carpet bombing campain run by a whole range of cashed up activist. Mob like Getup poured millions of dollars and thousand of voluteers with the objective of taking Tony Abbott down. The campaign against Tony Abbott was ugly, dishoest and even violent. Obscene posters were erected, his posters were torn down, feases was sent to his office, Getup had to pull one of its ads that portrayed Tony letting a person drown and finally, one of his election staff being stabbed. Ironically, it is likely that the intense campaign against Tony Abbott drew so many resources from Getup that they little left to campaign in any other seat. Thus enuring that the effort to defeat Tony Abbott cotributed to the LNP victory. National Party member, Barnaby Joyce, went so far as to thank Gettup for wasting their resources in this way.

The counting of vote was going through the night as the official number of seats are yet to be known. If Scott Morrison gains 76 seats then he will have a majority government and won’t have to make grubby deals with a gaggle of greedy inderpendants.

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