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Dummy Spits


Spit that Dummy

Sometimes People just don’t like what I write and then feel the need to personally tell me where I went wrong.

This page is for you.

Below is a list of quotes from people who want to give me a piece of their mind.

Let the fun begin:

From Genderbitch’s Twitter site:

“genderbitch# Myapologetics is a stupid piece of shit & a pseudointellectualist. He seems to be unable to form coherent thought on subjects beyond him.”

From Zoe Brain

“I’ve never actually encountered a Fundamentalist Post-Modernist before, who viewed scientific journal articles as nothing more than “activist campaign sheets”.

From Miss*Maz Serena R. (@Meowsha)

…Maybe it’s time that you do some growing up, change your attitude and harden up too. Maybe you should do something of value that brings positivity into the world…

“Abortian”? And you call yourself a writer? THAT is why nobody would ever pay you to write. Pathetic.

From: Ruby Hamad 

“I suspected that you were a misogynist beforehand.
Now I know.”

I’m truly and utterly floored by your arrogance.”

I look forward to your next amusingly cryptic yet utterly transparent “revenge” post.”

“Hasn’t your glass house shattered by now?”

“Oh, oh, if you really want to put me in my place tell me I am going to get AIDS and die a slow painful death. That’s a sure fire argument winner, right there.”

“Your attempt is satire is failing.”

“You’re doing it again. Casting dispersions(sic) on my sanity and logic does not help your argument. You are attempting to belittle my arguments by relegating them to the level of believing two and two equals five? You really can’t do better than that? Seriously?”

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