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Leading ‘no’ campaign spokesman says homosexuality ‘a disordered form of behaviour’

October 27, 2017

Leading ‘no’ campaign spokesman says homosexuality ‘a disordered form of behaviour’

To quote Dr van Gend:

“If someone has same-sex attraction that is just a curious part of their make-up, it is not who they are. And what’s more, being same-sex attracted carries absolutely no moral blame, it is no one’s fault, it is just one of these puzzling phenomena,”

“Whereas by contrast sexual behaviour, for any of us, is a choice, and we are culpable for the sexual behaviour we might choose to do. And for Christian people it’s pretty darn simple – no sexual behaviour is on at all, and that’s for all of us, unless it is within the faithful unconditional commitment of man-woman marriage. End of story.”

Editorial Comment:

The Age newspaper seems to be in shock that anyone would dare make this point.

Morals mean little if they are approached from moral nihilistic or post-modernist viewpoint.  Tradition, history and objective reality may actually matter in a culture war like Same Sex Marriage.


Who are the Merchants of Death and Moral Cowards who Voted for the Euthanasia Laws in Victoria?

October 21, 2017

Who are the Merchants of Death and Moral Cowards who Voted for the Euthanasia Laws in Victoria?

Image result for daniel andrews euthanasia

Dan Andrews biding his time to pass Euthanasia Laws

As of yesterday, the Victoria State Parliament became the first state in Australia to pass laws that make euthanasia legal.  The laws still have to be confirmed by an upper house vote but at this stage, it appears to a mere formality.

The political underhandedness and trickery to get the laws through the parliament have been a culmination of sheer arrogance that is becoming the signature of the Dan Andrews Labor Government.  In every way, Dan Andrews is symbolic of Socialist ideology being implement regardless of what the people of Victoria want.  He pushes, finances and regulates into things like the sexually perverted  ‘Safe Schools’ program that forces young children to learn explicit gender fluid theory; he was a lead actor in creating the 2008 laws that force pro-life doctors to refer women to abortions against the conscience and now he is at the centre of creating the laws that legalize Euthanasia.

There is nothing new about activists pushing for euthanasia to be legalized in Australia.  Dr (Death) Philip Nitschke has spent years trying to introduce his suicide machines into Australia.  However every attempt to do so in the past has, with good reason, been either voted down or in the of the Northern Territory overruled by the federal government.  Most attempts to pass euthanasia laws were destined to fail due to a lack of support from the public and the ad-hoc way that they were formally introduced as grandstanding private member’s bills.  The reason for such caution is obvious.  When dealing with the matter of death and killing of patients, the laws passed in one state have national implications and a very high likely hood of a creating euthanasia tourist industry.

The way that Dan Andrews approached changing the law was far more organized and strategic.  He took the issue away from the public discourse and handed it over to a committee that worked out how to get the critical numbers of parliamentarians to pass the law.  Key to his strategy was a highly biased and flawed report released months ago that laid out the framework of how to manage the politicians.  If you think that I am kidding about the report then you need only read it.

The report was so biased in favor of legalizing euthanasia that all objections were sneeringly dismissed as ‘Diety Based’ and therefore illegitimate.  Any other rational objections were never tabled, investigated or even discussed in the report, as it smeared anti-euthanasia views as being nothing but superstitions.  The report also tried to regurgitate the same so-called safeguards that euthanasia activists have been trotting out for decades:  Multiple doctors signing off, patient consent, no coercion clauses, no financial incentive etc… There was no safeguard in the report that we had not seen before.  The only new information in the report was how to manage pressure and herd the objections of the politicians through the parliament.  This was a political strategy report, not an open inquiry into the impact of legalizing euthanasia.  The recommendation to legalize euthanasia was already predefined long before the evidence was cherry-picked as proof. The tone of the report focused on the cowardice and fear of politicians when it comes to highly controversial social issues.  Most of the report and the preparation for passing the laws was spent counting enough heads to get it through.

Where were the ‘brave’ politicians who were willing to stand up to Dan Andrews and the underhanded tactics used to ram euthanasia laws through the parliament?  Mostly missing inaction.  Some state politician did enter the public debate but their federal equivalents remained silent.  Despite the national ramifications of legalizing euthanasia in Australia, they remained silent.  The only person of public significance to come out publically object was ex-Prime Minister Paul Keating who label the laws as being utopian and dangerous.  He took aim at the claims of legal safeguards as being bogus in face of reality. In a statement to the press Keating said:

“This claim exposes the bald utopianism of the project – the advocates support a bill to authorize termination of life in the name of compassion, while at the same time claiming they can guarantee protection of the vulnerable, the depressed and the poor,”

“No law and no process can achieve that objective. This is the point. If there are doctors prepared to bend the rules now, there will be doctors prepared to bend the rules under the new system.”

The debate in the Parliament was farce once the numbers to pass the laws were secured. Over 140 amendments and further safeguards were suggested in the debate but Dan Andrews would have none of it.  He knew that he had the numbers to pass the law as it stood and he was willing to let the debate run for over 24 hours until the vote was held.  Then arrogance and bloody-mindedness of the man knows no limits.  There was no change, no amendment, not even the slightest recognition that he could possibly be wrong.  Once Dan Andrews had the numbers and he was going ahead.

The final tally after the marathon session was in favor by just ten votes.  In a parliament that is dominated by left-wing parties, this reflects a current political reality. That political reality is so far left of center, so authoritarian in its approach, so contemptuous of mainstream views that Dan Andrew looks more like a commissar than a Premier for all Victorians.

The next phase of this process is to send the law to the upper house of parliament where it will be debated and put another vote.  If the law cannot be stopped there then Victoria will be the first state to legalize state sanction killing of the sick and fragile of spirit.


My Reason for Voting ‘NO’ in the Same-Sex Marriage Survey

October 20, 2017


My Reason for Voting ‘NO’ in the Same-Sex Marriage Survey

Rev O'Brien said services would continue on despite the vandalisation of the church.

I keep being reminded of Thomas More when I think about the Same-Sex Marriage debate.  The pressure he was placed under to conform with all the nobles and lords who supported the divorce and remarriage of King Henry the Eighth.  The principle, though lost in a postmodern world, was more important than the desires of the King.  Henry the Eighth had created the first legal divorce in the Christian world and in the process split the Church of England away from the Catholic Church.  For More, it was a principle that he could not in good conscience agree to or condone.  Eventually, he was beheaded for the crime of not supporting the King’s desires. In all, Henry the Eighth had six wives, some of whom he had executed before moving on to the next.

Today I see many people who are in exactly the same position as Thomas More.  They are caught between following their informed conscience or facing punishments at the hands of various laws and social structures.  This problem is particularly true when it comes to questioning the culture and practices of Homosexuality.  I know full well that I cannot say certain things in my workplace or I would be fired.  Even if it is innocent, logical and evidence-based, there are certain subjects that I may not disagree with.  There is not even an opportunity to offer a nuanced opinion on the subject because the laws over the last few decades have been slowly tightened until all dissent is verboten.

How did we get to this situation?  Slowly and deliberately.

Slowly and deliberately.

Historical Perspective

Go back just a few decades and the opinion about so-called Gay lifestyle was highly controversial and predominantly seen as morally questionable. Somehow over those decades, Same-Sex Marriage has become the cause celebre of elites and social justice activists.  The key change in this shift can be pinpointed to the Aids Epidemic that hit the gay populations across the world.  What could have easily become a reassessment of social value toward a more puritan world actual went in the opposite direction. Gay victims of Aids become martyrs to a cause. They became the heroes of fictional films like Philadelphia.  They became the new social victims that were now protected from all criticism by the mere utterance of Reductio ad Absurdist term ‘Homophobia’.

The next phase in moving social attitudes was a propaganda blitz that would make the old Soviet Union proud.  In Australia, a little-known protest rally known as the ‘The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras’ was heavily promoted ABC television news stories.  Eventually, it attracted corporate sponsorship and was televised on commercial television.  In the US, tired sitcom after tired sitcom used the inevitable ‘Lesbian Kiss’ to breathe ratings attention into their dying shows: Ellen DeGeneres being amongst the most famous to pull the stunt.  Other shows had proceeded and others followed but none were more celebrated in the media than Ellen. We can also look at shows like ‘Will and Grace’ which threw in a token campy gay friend to convince us that every woman needs a pal like him.  Let’s not forget the reality series ‘Queer Eye for a Straight Guy’ whose premise was Gay men are somehow predisposed to making men look more attractive to the opposite sex.  This is all nonsense in the name of portraying gayness as a symbiotic necessity to help straight males learn good fashion sense.  By the time Lady Gaga was belting out ‘Born This Way’ on the top her lungs there had been more than 20 years of unopposed propaganda throughout the media.  Questioning the ‘Gay Victimhood’ narrative is tantamount to questioning reality. And anyone who dares question the pro-Gay dogma is immediately labeled as ‘Homophobic’ and a ‘Bigot’.

The twin forces of media propaganda to promote homosexuality as normal and to punish detractors as being ‘homophobic’ is rarely questioned in the public.  To do so risks social isolation, a barrage of complaints, legal ramifications, loss of employment and worse.  Even if that criticism is based upon a rational and scientific basis the punishment is the same. No one is permitted to question this postmodernist dogma.

Ideology is not Science

In scientific terms, there are truths that cannot be safely be stated without being accused of ‘Homophobia’.  You can no longer say that sex evolved to ensure that the species reproduced.  That is now homophobic.  You cannot say that no one has ever found the so-called ‘Gay Gene’.  That conflict with the ‘Born This Way’ dogma.  You cannot even criticize the highly dubious study that tries to link ‘Gay Penguins’ to the human homosexual behavior.  To do so is to make a heretic of yourself before an army of emotionally triggered defenders of the cause.  Even to point out the absurdity of the fraudulent report of the ‘Gay Saints’ of the early Christian church only opens you up to personal ridicule and insults. Questioning this dogma is enough to be considered evil beyond all redemption, Social ostracism, Media scorn, legal punishment, unemployment, social media dogpiles and the seething hatred of the masses who wait to pounce on anyone who does not conform to the vox populi.

Post Vote Stasi

It has already begun.  The courts are being turned into modern-day show trials and inquisitions to punish the ideologically impure. Bishop Porteous was dragged through the anti-discrimination courts for publishing a pamphlet that defended traditional marriage.  Does, anyone, seriously think that this is going to stop after the ‘Same-Sex’ marriage vote is over?

There is a climate of revenge against anyone who does not give unquestioning support to the secular dogma that sexual activity cannot be controlled.  The Australian Labor Party is promising to start a new LGBTIQ watchdog if elected.  Religious institutions and its members are in legal jeopardy if they refuse to hire an openly gay activist for a position.  School funding and certification as a teaching institute will be withheld for schools that refuse to go along with government sanction positions.  It is putting people who have a long history of choosing freedom of conscience in a position where they will be forced to defy the law.  This the same position that Thomas More was in hundreds of years ago.

Why Descent when everyone else agrees?

Why would anyone defy the wisdom of the masses and hold a position that inevitably risks all the comforts you have worked for in life? For some, there is something more important than being comfortable, more import than being popular, more important than losing friends, more important than avoiding legal punishment and that is the truth.  To me, conformity to a crowd is cold comfort when you know that you are supporting a fraud.  Ultimately, the very punishments that you try to avoid will be enforced regardless of your pandering to a tyrant. It is also cold comfort when you consider that those who push for same-sex marriage have such contempt for those who disagree with their position.  I certainly fear that once taking victory the same activist will push for another freedom which I am unwilling to surrender.

Why the Vote Matters

‘Truth’ may not be a popular concept in this post-modernist era, but regardless, it remains.

I am not convinced that there is such a thing as the ‘Gay Gene’.  Therefore I cannot accept the notion that people are genetically unable to resist being ‘gay’. Nor am I convinced that ‘Born this Way’ is anything more than a political motto.  Therefore I cannot give it more credence to a political motto that I do not subscribe to.  Nor am I convinced that people cannot control sexual behavior because of a claimed predisposition or orientation.  We do not accept this in heterosexual relationships so why should we accept this in the alternatives.  This problem is compounded when gay label people as permanently ‘gay’ because they may have engaged in one incident.

I do understand that these are not simple issues, but reducing everything to mottos and special pleading has nothing to with the truth.  The question of ‘morality’ begs a further question about ‘whose morality’ we are going to adhere to.  The Same-Sex Marriage advocates demand that we accept their moral yardstick as the only legitimate one.  This I am not willing to do.  Furthermore, by legalizing Same-Sex Marriage, we shift from a society that tolerates behavior that it may not approve of, to a society that legally condones and institutionalizes it.  Watch out if you do not publically agree with this stance.

I personally have no control or interest over what people do in private.  Nor do I have any interest in carrying someone else’s conscience on my shoulders.  However there a world of difference between minding my own business and condoning what I cannot agree with.  Legalizing behavior not only shifts it from the private to public, it gives it the veneer of moral respectability and approval from the government.  Since when are governments the keepers of moral virtue?

Project Veritas Proves YouTube is Censoring Opinions – This is Big

October 13, 2017

Project Veritas Proves YouTube is Censoring Opinions – This is Big


We owe a great debt of thanks to Project Veritas.  They are doing the undercover, investigative journalism that the Mainstream Media no longer does and they are doing it right.

For the last year, YouTube has been messing with its content providers and crushing their incomes.  Often with nothing more than a de-monitorization strike against what it deems as content that is not user-friendly.  Other times claiming copyright strikes that do not exist.  The creator then must subject themselves to an appeal process that has no clarity, arbitrary, ad-hoc, illogical and has no accountability.  Many time we cannot even work out why something was blocked and given a strike.  Even if the issue is successfully appealed the window of financial opportunity is lost and the content provider is left poorer as a result.  In any other business transaction, this would be seen as a fraud.  It is one of the reasons that I have stopped producing videos for a while.  When every single video I produce is given a de-monitorization strike, appealed, has the de-monitorization strike lifted and then hit days later with the same strikes there is something wrong.

This is not an isolated problem and has changed the ability for anyone to trust the YouTube business model.

Many YouTubers have complained that they have been specifically target because their political opinions differ with that of the YouTube company.  After seeing the Project Veritas Video that suspicion now has some proof.


The Thomas Smith vs Sargon of Akkad Debate was a Total Waste of Time

October 11, 2017

The Thomas Smith vs Sargon of Akkad Debate was a Total Waste of Time

The art of debate has now been replaced with the art of the snarky retort.

I sat to watch what I hoped would be an intellectual, amusing and enlightening debate between two ideological opposites, I hoped that I would be clearer about what they believe and more enlightened about where they are coming from.  What I saw instead was an embarrassing display of juvenile taunts and personal insults at each other.  Though I am very familiar with Sargon of Akkad and I have enjoyed many of his videos, I have little clue who Thomas Smith is.  Unfortunately, I know even less about this man and his views by the end of this debate.

The debate started with Thomas flinging a series of moral condemnations at Sargon for what he had said in his past tweets. Tweet trolling?  Are you kidding me? The “I would not even rape you” quote by Sargon seemed to be a personal obsession that Thomas had hoped would crush the reputation of his opponent in front of the crowd.  Sargon did not care and nor did much of the crowd that hooted, hollered and called out comments.  At that point, any pretense of intellectualism was over as each person took a hostile position of using their own ideological position to morally condemn the other person.  What was left from this?  Certainly no agreement, no clarification, no epiphany.  No, it was just a shouting match with all the qualities of two angry neighbors shouting insults at each other over a fence.  Neither one offered a reason to accept their views because they were far more interested in crushing each other than they were in informing the audience.

At the heart of Sargon’s sense of injustice was the attempt to have him de-Platformed.  At the heart of Thomas’s outrage was his absolute disgust of Sargon,  The only thing clearer than their hatred for each other’s ideological positions was how much they clearly detested each other.  At times the referee had to step in to stop the two men from their endless bickering.  It was soul destroying to watch two adults acting like spoilt children crying over who pulled whose pigtail.  “You are bad”, “No, you are bad” is not an argument. It is white noise.  So bad was the contempt for each other, that the bickering even started up again during the Q&A sessions. (Several times).  If this was brightest and best of the intellectual YouTubers then the bar was set very low indeed.  Only the referee had sense enough to bring the ugly street brawlers back to caring what the audience wanted. ie: Answering their questions.

So bad was the contempt for each other that they even started bickering during the Q&A sessions. (Several times).  If this is brightest and best of the intellectual YouTubers then the bar is set very low indeed.  Only the referee had sense enough to bring the ugly street brawlers back to caring what the audience wanted. ie: Answer the questions.

At one point an audience member made the observation that the two were talking past each other and not to each other. They basically talking over each other, only stopping occasionally to listen for a comment that they can pounce on and condemn.  This is a very juvenile way of running debate as leads to nothing more than aggression and cheap point scoring.  Was the entire audience so shallow that all they wanted to see was a snobbish version of Jerry Springer?  I do not think so.

The farce climaxed when Thomas Smith declared that his time was up and promptly left the stage.  Sargon looked both stunned and delighted by the cowardly retreat and was left to answer further questions alone.  Poor Thomas, letting outrage get the better of him may prove to be Meme fuel.

If anyone thinks that this debate achieved anything of any substance, then they are mistaken.  Thomas Smith baited Sargon of Akkad with taunts and insults but Sargon foolishly jumped at the bait and responded in kind.  Despite doing their best to defend their position both men lost their minds and in an attempt to intellectually crush their enemy.  What was the point?

In short, the debate was waste of time and despite the injection of noble-sounding words, was bereft of any intellectualism.   Some people may walk away from this debate pointing at the cheap shot as if they are absolute takedowns of the other person.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Thomas and Sargon both came out of this looking like sneering prats who hate each other. This kind of contempt can be found anywhere and it is depressing to watch.

The only advice I can give each party is to avoid each other.  Clearly, this intellectual debate stuff is beyond you. Now you both look two nerds in an MMA cage throw limp wristed swipes in each other’s direction.  That is how much of a fool you made of yourselves.

Editorial Comment:

Girls, girls, you are both beautiful.

Book Launch of Mark Latham’s ‘Outsiders’

October 9, 2017

Book Launch of Mark Latham’s ‘Outsiders’


Editorial Comment:

One of the best talks I have seen in a long time.

Highly Recommended.

Same Sex Marriage Push is about Mind Control says Mark Latham – He is Correct

October 6, 2017

Same-Sex Marriage Push is about Mind Control says Mark Latham – He is Correct

Former Labor leader Mark Latham has launched his new book 'Outsiders' in Sydney

For last few weeks, the WordPress Website has arrogantly displayed the rainbow flag across all of its front pages.  The message could not be clearer –  Ther is only one approved viewpoint on the issue of Same-Sex Marriage and it is ‘YES’.  All other views are a thoughtcrime.  I wonder how long before the powers at WordPress start to see me as a thought-criminal who needs to be purged from their perfect world.  (This is what happened when I wrote at

WordPress is not alone in their presumptive virtue signaling as a whole gaggle of corporate fronts is falling over each other to give official approval of Same-Sex Marriage.   Worse are the elected local councils who take ratepayers money to push their personal partisan agendas upon the public.  Pass by the Moreland City Council Offices and you will see a giant banner in favor of voting ‘YES’ in the current Same-Sex government survey.  Where is the money to put the ‘NO’ case?  There is no money for that.  It is a thoughtcrime to vote ‘NO’.

Let’s not to forget the social media like Facebook.  People are cutting off long-term friendships and engaging in wholesale cyberbullying against anyone who dares say ‘NO’ to Brave New SSM regime.  Because only ‘evil people’ do not agree apparently.   In short, saying ‘YES’ to Same-Sex Marriage is the new ‘Hail Hitler’. If you don’t say it, everyone will know that you are an ideological enemy.

In this whole ‘debate’, there seems to be a total lack of anyone from the ‘NO’ believing that anyone else deserves a voice.

This where Mark Latham comes in.  In a talk to launch his new book called  ‘The Outsiders’ Mark takes aim at the new PC culture in Australia.  In particular, he addresses the controversial way that the Pro-Same-Sex Marriage proponent has been acting.

‘It’s about control of what people can say, what people can think, what people can believe in and even where people can speak,’ he told Daily Mail Australia on Thursday ahead of the Sydney launch for his new book ‘Outsiders’.

‘In a democracy, this is just horrific news.’

‘If we think it’s bad now, then the overseas experience tells us that emboldened by a ‘Yes’ vote, the gay, left militant movement would become even more militant and insist on even more control over what people believe,’

‘Same-sex marriage is like a religion: unless you believe it in, you’re crucified.’

Latham is is of the opinion that more people rejecting the ‘YES’ side precisely because of its bullying behavior.

Editorial Comment:

I have no idea which way the vote will go in the survey.

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