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Ben Shapiro – “Planned Parenthood Kills Babies”. Video

April 17, 2017

Ben Shapiro – “Planned Parenthood Kills Babies”


Editorial Comment:

You have to love the way some people use the rarest and saddest example to justify a major social issue.

Ben gives a logical and reasoned response to a smug entrapment of a pro-abortionist.


Breaking News – Gender-theory targets set on sexist preschoolers

March 28, 2017

Gender-theory targets set on sexist preschoolers

The Australian News reports that the Victorian Government is set to target preschool children will be subjected to gender-theory training.

Under the guise of combating family violence educators to be taught how to eradicate gendered norms and stereotypes from the classrooms.

The education document aimed at children as young as 4 condemns what it calls “Gender Expectations” and “gender norms” stating:

“As young children learn about gender, they may also begin to enact sexist values, beliefs and attitudes that may contribute to disrespect and gender inequality,”

“Professional learning will ­increase the capacity of early childhood educators to understand and implement respectful relationships and gender equality into their program delivery.

“It will build the capacity of ­educators to use reflective practice to critically evaluate their work with children using anti-bias ­approaches specifically regarding gender bias.”

Andrews Labor government’s $21.8 million Respectful Relationships package for schools is being used as the vehicle to enforce this gender ideology upon children.


Editorial Comment:

Where are the heroes in parliament and the media who will stand up and protect children from this government enforced child abuse?  Are they so frightened?

Dan Andrews is man who ideologically possessed and has no qualms about brainwashing your children with sexually explicit and perverted material.

Whose children are they?

Yours or the State?

Islamic Terrorism will Continue to Escalate Until they Start killing our Elected Leaders

March 25, 2017

Islamic Terrorism will Continue to Escalate Until they Start killing our Elected Leaders

The ineffective and impotent response from the elected representatives after the terrorist attack outside, the British Parliament is frightening.  Make no mistake, the carnage that terrorism is having upon ordinary and helpless people is bad enough, but see the total capitulation of the west to moral cowardice add insult to injury. We the little people have very few protection from a random terrorist attack.  We do not have: around the clock police protection; massive electronic security; expert real-time advice of imminent threats; security time high-level security assessments; bullet proof cars or any number of other measures that protect the average western politician.  Instead, we must fend for ourselves and take risk of being the easy prey for some fanatic with murderous intent.

Right now, the response to every terrorist attack must run a gauntlet of counterproductive opinions before anything is spoken.  The most common response to an obvious Islamic terrorist attack is denial.  I put no faith in the Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or the mainstream media to be intellectually honest about terrorism.  Instead, we have a whole chorus of opinions warning us about a possible Anti-Muslim backlash.  In some cases, people resort to creating fictional accounts to make their point. Remember the #illridewithyou Twitter storm that was based upon an imaginary incident from a woman who claimed to be supporting a Muslim woman who was too scared to wear her headscarf.  Despite the hashtag being supported by President Obama, it was all fiction and no such incident occurred.  The naive go further, pumping out hashtags like #notallmuslims and #prayforparis as they meekly bemoan the rise of so-called Islamophobia.

So it was with every terrorist attack.  Our self-appointed gurus and public moralists bend over backward to hide any direct mention of Islamic terrorism.  After the Paris attack, the government suppressed reports of the Terrorists cutting off genitals and shoving them in the mouths of their victims.  After a truck was used to kill scores in Nice there was a huge delay before it was confirmed that driver was a radical Muslim.  Now in London? #just-ignore-the-obvious.

The Muslim mayor of London months ago had said that terrorist attacks were ‘part and parcel’ of living in a big city. In other words, don’t bother trying to defeat this enemy.  Speaking at the event to commemorates the attack, Mayor Khan, said: “Londoners will never be cowed by terrorism”.  And there it was.  Another useless motto to avoid dealing with the actual problem of terrorism. 

There is no direct strategy aimed at stopping the constant threat of Islamic terrorism.  Nor is there any realization that Radical Islam has already declared war upon the west.

For the naive, open border immigration policies are nothing more than a compassionate response to an unfair world. The advocates of this refuse to connect the dots from letting in certain groups to the terrorism committed by those same groups.  For Internationalists, national borders should not exist.  For the extreme left, anything that hurts western culture is a good thing.  Even if Islamic terrorism is the result.  Yet, for the rest of us, those who are not extremists, terrorism poses a great threat.

No one seems to be doing anything at a strategic level to combat the Islamic Terrorism that is striking at the heart of the west.  Hugs, Hashtags, sympathetic editorials, Multi-cultural love-ins and calling people racist, are not helping.  Worse, these actions do little more than blaming the victims. Top of the “Nothing to do with Islam” chorus is a conga line of cowardly politicians, editorials, and self-appointed social justice warriors.

This all sounds familiar. Throughout the 1980’s Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi gave unqualified support to a range of radical Tamil Eelamist organizations from Sri Lanka.  When her son took over as Prime Minister he naively believed that he could negotiate peace with the Tamil Tiger (LTTE) terrorist organization.  Very little public criticism of the LTTE came from Rajiv Gandhi as the terrorists used India as a recruitment and training base for the civil war in Sri Lanka. The LTTE grew more powerful and ruthless but they were still operating in India, increasing their connection with Indian politicians, fundraising and even had weapons factories in Tamil Nadu.  In 1991 the LTTE sent a female suicide bomber who was able to assassinate Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

Eventually, terrorists will strike at the heads of government because those are the people who make policy.

Pandering politicians who are going soft on Radical Islam are kidding themselves if they think that this will win any gratitude with the terrorist.  Terrorists do not think in terms of gratitude and respect.  Terrorist thinks in terms of power and weakness.  They target civilians because they believe that it will cause fearful politicians to change policy.  The politicians who think that they safe will have a rude awakening once the terrorists acquire the technology and skills to successfully pick them off.  This will happen because terrorists believe that hitting random civilians only has so much policy decisions but killing policy makers kills their opposition entirely.

 Update 26/3/17:

Fixed broken links to images.  Not sure why this happened. but it is fixed now

18c is a Festering Wound in Australia’s Democracy

March 22, 2017

18c is a Festering Wound in Australia’s Democracy

Image result for bill leak

The Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) exists for a purpose but no one has ever been able to stipulate exactly what that purpose is.  Instead, we are presented with a series of vague mantras about equality, diversity and human rights but no one seems to know what they actually mean.  In reality, the AHRC does not even know what should and should not be included as a human right.  Instead, it wanders through the world as it expands its definitions in one area and reduces them in another.

We have to ask why in any modern democratic society were seven University students dragged through the AHRC to justify their casual twitter missives. Why did many of the students have to pay $5000 to avoid legal action?  Why did the case take 3 years to make its slow progress through the AHRC?

The case of Bill Leak case highlights how even a cartoon with one intention by the artist was taken to mean the opposite in order to prosecute a claim using the 18c legislation.  Did the stress of the case against Bill Leak shorten his life?  Was he hounded, by the AHRC, into the grave?

The specter of censorship is already a reality when columnist Andrew Bolt had two of his articles outlawed by the courts.  Similarly, a Tasmanian Arch Bishop was facing charges for daring publish a booklet that defended traditional marriage over same-sex marriage.  Does anyone really think that these are examples of how free speech is being protected in Australia?

Laws by their nature come from governments and the courts with the premise that they are there to protect the people.  It is the people who has bequeathed such a heavy burden of trust upon these institutions.  In doing so it is with the understanding that the powers that lawmakers use will not be abused.  Unfortunately, if a law is bad, vague or poorly written then all manner of unscrupulous operators will take advantage of the loopholes.  And the biggest loophole of them all is 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act.

Why is 18c so bad?  Because of its sets an extremely low provision for it to be enforced.  By making the trigger insult or offend there is a gaping opportunity for anyone to take offense at anything that is written or spoken. Immediately the complaint is made, the defendant must then prove their innocence using the more complicated process as stipulated in 18d of the same act.

Bill Leak responded to his complaint using 18d as his justification and still, he was ignored by the Human Rights Commission.  Worse, Gillian Triggs, the head of the AHRC, told a Senate Enquiry that Bill Leak had never responded to its queries.  Triggs was proven to be wrong after Leak’s lawyer produced a copy of the document that he had sent. Gillian Triggs is now being accused of misleading the Senate.  Some days latter Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane faced the Senate Hearing to falsely claim that he had not tried to drum up support for a complaint against Bill Leak.  Yet, on the day Bill Leak had published his cartoon, Dr. Soutphommasane was using Twitter where he issued repeated advice to the public about how to make a complaint to the HRC about behavior which they believe may contravene Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act.  Soutphommasane also linked to his Twitter posts to numerous articles that were condemning Bill Leak’s cartoon.  How did these two people gain so much power and use it so ruthlessly to crush free speech?

Bad laws give bad people in corrupted institutions the power to silence anyone in Australia.  18c is a bad law and should be abolished.  In its current form, the Australian Human Rights Commission is partisan beyond all reason.  Both Gillian Triggs and Tim Soutphommasane were appointed by the previous Labor Government because of their left wing political preferences.  In the case of Tim Soutphommasane, he co-authored and edited a book titled ‘All that’s Left‘, which praises a whole range of extreme leftwing causes he wants Australia to adopt.  Gillian Triggs showed her loyalties when she remained silent about asylum seekers in Australia detention when the Labor Party was in power only to release a report condemning it as soon as the Liberal Party took power.  Neither of these two people has shown that they can be trusted with the enormous powers that they have been given.  For that matter, what purpose does a Human Rights Commission have when it sets out to destroy the fundamental right to free speech?  Perhaps it is time that it was abolished.

Yet the most dangerous threat to expressing an opinion comes from 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act and it needs to be removed from the books.  Already it is being used to attack and silence political enemies.  Worse the law is being used as a shakedown scam to elicit thousands of dollars from defendants via secret negotiations.  This is criminal corruption at it worst and will only expand when ambulance chaser lawyers realize that they have a new business model.  The potential for corruption is endless.

18c must be abolished because it threatens the very freedoms it claims to protect. It is a festering wound in Australia’s democracy and if left untreated will corrupt the entire body.  Without the freedom to express an opinion even right to defend freedom will be crushed.

Editorial Comment

18c is poison but 18d is no cure.

The treatment is death.

How about we remove the poison from our law books?


March 6, 2017


Too soon to conclude either way yet.

Watching and waiting.


Editorial Comment:

The US election is a soap opera that never ends.

Stefan Molyneux talk about the fall of Milo

February 23, 2017

Stefan Molyneux talk about the fall of Milo

Editorial Comment:

Stefan does an excellent and balanced breakdown of what suddenly went wrong with Milo’s career.

My personal opinion is that Milo is finished.  I think that too many Conservatives choose to support Milo because he was ‘the enemy of their enemies’.

This is a very dangerous position to take as it can often lead people to ignore warning signs and character flaws in your hero that you would condemn in your enemy.

Publically there were many issues that Milo gave voice to that might have raised alarm bells with conservatives.

Was Milo the victim of a witch hunt?  Certainly.

Are other people guilty of similar outbursts?  Yes. I am looking at you, Bill Maher and George Takei.

Is Milo also a victim of his own actions? Without question. He has so many unanswered questions that he cannot bury this in a robust press conference.  What happened to all those parties he claimed he witnessed? Is he willing name names now?


Was Milo just letting his mouth run away before his brain was in gear?

I will be surprised if his career is not finished.  Whether he can pick up the pieces of his life and move on is another question.

Only one way back.  Redemption.


The New Red Guards – BAMN Activist

February 21, 2017

The New Red Guards – BAMN Activist 

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