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Journalist body found after suspected crocodile attack in Sri Lanka

September 16, 2017

Journalist body found after suspected crocodile attack in Sri Lanka

A professional headshot of Paul Stewart McClean, looking straight into the camera.

Sri Lankan navy divers have found the body of a British journalist who is believed to have been attacked by a crocodile while holidaying with friends on an eastern beach.

Sri Lankan police stand on a beach in the foreground of a large rock.



Same-Sex Marriage Survey to go ahead

September 7, 2017

Same-Sex Marriage Survey to go ahead

The high court of Australia has given the go ahead for the Same Sex Marriage survey.

Editorial Comment:

With the amount of money and bullying being thrown at people by the Yes camp the No case looks more attractive.

How Long will WordPress run their Political Bullying Campaign? – Rainbow Sash is not welcome.

September 4, 2017

How Long will WordPress run their Political Bullying Campaign? – Rainbow Sash is not welcome.

It seems that WordPress is putting a shot across the bow of free speech.  Without consulting with its writers and content makers that continue to force everyone to display their blatantly political Rainbow sash.

Did they even bother to ask whether such a political display was supported by its writers?  Or did it just demand that everyone must obey their ideological position?

I think the latter.

Why are WordPress forcing their political views on its writers?

September 1, 2017

Why are WordPress forcing their political views on its writers?

Editorial Comment?

I protest strongly that my blog site must display the rainbow flag on my WordPress site.

I was never asked whether I support their political stance and I have not been given the option to remove it.

I should not be forced to display any political statement that I do not subscribe.


Statue Wars

August 27, 2017

Statue Wars


Two statues, with black paint on them.

Change the Date or they will deface statues that cannot fight back.


Are people still confused about why some activists wish to destroy history?  Ponder no longer.  To paraphrase George Orwell: “He who controls the past controls the future.”  In other words, by rewriting history to fit a contemporary narrative we can recast heroes as evil and evil people as heroes.  Those who have us chained and oppressed can suddenly become saviors and those that have paid the ultimate price for our freedom are either scorned or worse erased from history.  There is nothing new about ‘Historical Revisionism’ as it is a tactic used by the unscrupulous to force their unpalatable objectives upon an unwilling society.

Rewriting history is such a common sin that it has coined its own cynical idiom where: ‘History is lies made up by the winning side’. Objective and verified facts about the past are one thing, and should always be brought to light when they are significant.  However, replacing the truth with partisan fiction can be frightening.

The wave of terror in Mao’s China began with an attempt to wipe out any history that did not support his regime.  As a result, the hordes of Red Guard students destroyed every monument that they could lay their hands on.  Thousands of years of history was wiped away in the matter of a few years.  Countless statues were destroyed, ancient temples burned to the ground, irreplaceable historical documents burned and even the grave of Cemetery of Confucius was desecrated.  All to please the whims of the Maoist cronies.

After the Russian revolution, a similar thing happened when the graves of Christian saints were raided for their remains which were then thrown on bonfires.

Strangely enough, the practice of destroying the monuments of your ideological enemies is being passed to another generation of clueless foot soldiers and useful idiots.  For some reason or other statues that have stood for decades are now the most urgent agenda item for activists.  In the USA it seems that Confederate monuments are the new area to purge.  Why?  Because the Confederate Army fought on the side that protected slavery.  Fair enough if that is why the statues were erected in the first place or that is the real reason why they are targeted for destruction.  However, this not always the case.  Thomas Jefferson and George Washington are now under scrutiny as enemies of the latest wave of self-appointed arbiters of public morality.  Apparently they only just realized that both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson owned slaves.  This is true and speaks volumes about the culture at the time when slavery was common amongst the wealthy classes across the world.  Yet this revelation about the founding fathers of the USA was common knowledge for the last 200 years and suddenly now it is an issue.  In the mind of some activists, it is a scandal that requires the immediate removal by any means necessary of these statues from public view.  As a result, any good historical legacy that these men were remembered for will also be wiped away.

In Australia, the statue of Captian James Cook has stood in Hyde Park for years.  No has ever had a problem with it until media personality Stan Grant decided to take offense at words on the dedication to Captain Cook.  Highlighting his indigenous background, Grant claimed that the words, ‘”Discovered this territory 1770″‘, was deeply offensive and should be removed.  His argument is that because there were already people in Australia it was not discovered by ‘invaded’. GRant claims that the offending words have larger significance because they propagate “a belief in the superiority of white Christendom that devastated Indigenous peoples everywhere“.  Here Grant is feeding into the historically dubious narrative that European settlement and particularly Christianity is an evil invasion and occupation of Aboriginal land.




Within days of Stan Grant’s complaint the words “change the date” and “no pride in genocide” were spray-painted on all four sides of the Captain Cook statue in Hyde Park. The Governor Macquarie and Queen Victoria monuments were also defaced.  What did Stan Grant expect the result would be when he started taking offense where there nothing to be offended about.

Change the Date” is a campaign being run by the extreme left of politics to change the date of Australia Day to any day other than the 26 January each year.  Some activists resort to calling it “Invasion Day” and continually argue that European settlement was a genocide for the existing Aboriginal population.  As radical as this idea may seem, it does not stop main stream media outlets from propagating this one sided view of history.  Nor does it stop public officials from using their power to act unilaterally in trying to obliterate Australia Day.

In Melbourne, Australia, the Yarra City municipal council decided that it would no longer celebrate Australia Day on the 26 of January.  As a result, they would also stop holding citizenship ceremonies on that date.  Darebin City council also voted to stop celebrating Australia Day after surveying just 80 people of their over 100,000 constituents.  The mayor of Darebin shameless justified her stance by calling anyone who did not agree “Stupid” and “Ignorant”.  The council revealed that the only people surveyed were already part of its consultation committees where only 60% of those 80 people agreed with the “No Celebrating Australia Day” policy. That is a grand total of 48 Council friendly people who have been used to justify a policy that affects over 100,000 rate payers. The level of corruption is mindblowing.

Both Yarra and Darebin Councils now face the prospect of losing all rights to host citizenship ceremonies in future.  However other councils, dominated by left wing or Greens candidates, are threatening to cancel their Australia Day celebrations too.  Where does end?

Strangely, there does not seem to be an end game or alternative policy offered by the “Destroy Australia Day” crowd.  The destruction seems to be an end in itself.  The questionable premise that Australians stole their land from the indigenous population is rarely if ever, questioned.  Australians of European heritage are being held to account for sins that may or may not have occurred in the past.  The proof is not necessary when a narrative deemed untouchable.


Beware of people who wish to rewrite history


Like waves of terror that sought to erase the past of China, countless monuments, buildings, and statues were destroyed in the name of correcting history.  Very little remains of the grand culture that China was once famous for.  Instead, museums are a hodgepodge of artifacts that have been pieced together from few pieces that that survived.  Thousands of years of proud and impressive history was wiped from the face of the Earth in the name of ideological purity.  These days, the Chinese people know what they have lost can never be replaced.  The unfortunate result has been the creation of an overwhelming blandness throughout the culture.  Cities are devoid of uniqueness and character.  Tourist sites are reconstructions or dull revolutionary propaganda.  The unbroken connection with the pasts, both good and bad, no longer exists because it is being filtered through a totalitarian prism.  This is the legacy of Historical Revisionism and the problem when anyone wants to destroy the past.


Dennis Prager Goes on Police Patrol

July 20, 2017

Dennis Prager Goes on Police Patrol


Editorial Comment:

This is one the best videos I have seen in a long time.  Prager asks honest questions and the police officers give honest answers.

You can really appreciate the world that police are in.

Alex Jones Gets Triggered by Sargon of Akkad

July 5, 2017

Alex Jones Gets Triggered by Sargon of Akkad

Editorial Comment:

Alex Jones just cannot deal with criticism.  Especially if it comes in a British accent.

So many conspiracy theories here that it is hard to keep up with them:

  • Human/animal hybrids;
  • CIA Manchurian Candidate Program;
  • Vatican Child Kidnapping ring;
  • Suicidal Shrimp;
  • and much more…

One word of advice for those who are on board the Alex Jones adventure tour.  It is heading toward crazy town at full speed.



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