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Ex-LTTE spokesman Daya Master assaulted on video

January 11, 2018


Ex-LTTE spokesman Daya Master assaulted on video

A man was arrested by the Jaffna Police in connection with assaulting former LTTE media spokesman Daya Master in Jaffna yesterday.

Daya Master who is also the Media Director of DAN TV, a private media institution was assaulted in his office at the Hospital Road in Jaffna.

The Jaffna Police who had initiated an inquiry following a complaint had arrested the suspect, Moses Sathgunadas (53) a resident of Jaffna.

Police said the motive of the assault has not been revealed.

Suspect to be produced before the Jaffna Magistrate Court.(Romesh Madusanka)



Editorial Comment:

Sathgunadas is a Tamil.

Daya Master is well known for co-operating with the government in helping destroy the LTTE operations after the war.

There could be a thousand reasons for the assault.


Running People Over in Melbourne

December 23, 2017

Running People Over in Melbourne

There seems to be either mass confusion of mass cowardice when dealing with any incidents that have the slightest hint of terrorism about it.  The latest attack on civilians in the center of Melbourne, where a driver drove over pedestrians crossing one of the busiest intersects in the city.  It was reported that over 13 people (including a toddler) were hospitalized as a  result, with some in critical condition.

From every angle this horrific. The driver chose the busiest time of day on the largest and busiest pedestrian crossing in Melbourne to plow through the unsuspecting crowd.  His passenger was apparently filming it all as it took place.  Witnesses described the sound of people being deliberately hit as the SUV continued to accelerate.  Only an accidental collision with a tram-stop bollard prevented this carnage from being worse.  An off-duty police officer was lucky enough to reach the SUV and arrest the driver before he escaped.  Within minutes the emergency services arrived to deal the mess of casualties strewn across the road.

Instantly, the suspicion of Islamic Terrorism is the most reasonable position,  However, every effort was made to distract the public from this possibility.  Even before the pictures of the driver were released to the press, the police were telling the public that driver was known to police and had a history of mental illness. (Whatever that means.) The driver’s name was later revealed to be Saeed Noori, an Afghan refugee who was rambling on the mistreatment of Muslims after he was arrested.  Yet the police were assuring us that it was unlikely to be a terrorist attack.

Things did make sense in the: “Not links to Terrorism” mantra.  The passenger of the SUV was filming the event as the carnage was taking place. The so-called ice-addicted driver appeared to be very healthy and strong.  If we are to believe that he was in a psychotic episode then how did Saeed Noori plan all of this?  Why did the attack follow the same M.O. as ISIS’s instructions?

Now the authorities are slowly becoming less adamant in the conviction that there is no link to terrorism to saying that they are looking at the issue.

“We haven’t ruled out terrorism and we continue to explore it. I’ve said that from the outset, but it’s about not jumping to conclusions. It’s about exploring the evidence and the evidence will ultimately take it where it does and if that means it’s a terrorist event, so be it,” Acting Chief Commissioner Shane Patton said.

Whatever the result of the investigation it is not unreasonable to suspect a terrorist organization when the action of a driver imitates what has happened elsewhere.

It is early days in the investigation but I suspect that the “Nothing to do with Islamic Terrorism” mantra will be drummed for all that it is worth.  The only problem is what happens if it does turn out to be a terrorist attack, lone wolf or otherwise?

Cardinal Pell should sue Alex Jones

November 30, 2017

Cardinal Pell should sue Alex Jones

Editorial Comment:

I said it before.  Don’t chain yourself to the Alex Jones crazy train.  It is completely off the rails.

His latest evidence-free editorial.  Claim that the deputy Pope, Cardinal Pell has trafficked over 100 boys to blackmail the Vatican.

An extraordinary claim.  Where’s his evidence? Zip.

He goes to claim that Pell has been arrested.  He has not been arrested.  This is false.

40 years ago, Cardinal Pell was a very small fish with little influence or authority in the church.  Does Alex seriously want us to believe that Pell set this up so long ago.

Perhaps Alex has finally lost his mind or he can no longer distinguish between his bigotries and his conspiracy theories.

Nowhere in the media has there been any reports on Cardinal Pell that have come close to what Alex is claiming,  He just made it all up to feed his most scandal-hungry and deranged audience members.

Cardinal Pell should sue the smug smile off Alex’s ill-informed face.

On a side note, Popes do not have deputies.

Finally that rainbow banner has been dropped by WordPress

November 27, 2017

Finally that rainbow banner has been dropped by WordPress.

Yes that insult to intelligence and dictatorial idea that everyone must support a corporate viewpoint has finally been removed by WordPress.

Note to WordPress: Virtue signally proves nothing and shits everyone.

Euthanasia Horror Story: Health Mother is Euthanised in Belgium but Family is only told after the fact

November 25, 2017

Euthanasia Horror Story: Health Mother is Euthanised in Belgium but Family is only told after the fact

Editorial Comment:

Forget slippery slope this is an agenda playing out.  Kill as many as you can get away with.

Lord Naseby MP claims 7,000 not 40,000 killed at the end of Sri Lankan Civil War

November 19, 2017

Lord Naseby MP claims that only 7,000 were killed at the end of Sri Lankan Civil War.  Exploding the 40,000 killed Myth.

Lord Naseby of UK Parliament recently revealed how he accessed confidential reports compiled by the London’s Defence Attache in Sri Lanka during the war and gathered that the number of people who were killed during the last phase of war was 7,000.

“I’ve tracked the war carefully because I just couldn’t believe these official figures – they didn’t stack up to the information I was getting. So I then invoked our freedom of information inquiry. I asked for the dispatches sent by our Defence Attache to our foreign office during the last days of the war. The application was refused twice by our foreign office. I then applied directly to the information commissioner – which is my right – and got 26 pages of redacted dispatches. Missing were the last six weeks of them. So I appealed again. And lo and behold, another 12 arrived. I went through them very carefully,” he said.

Without being limited to classified documents, Lord Naseby had asked university experts who are “traditionally left-wing” about the casualties.

“They also said that 7,000 casualties was their estimate. There was other evidence too, like what US ambassador to Sri Lanka, Robert Blake, had named a tentative casualty figure: about 5000, a few days before the end of the war,” he said.


Editorial Comment:

7,000 seems to be the most reliable figure that I have seen since the end of the war.  40,000 killed lost all credibility years ago.

Is the Media Ignoring Atheism as a Motive in Devin Patrick Kelley?

November 12, 2017

Is the Media Ignoring Atheism as a Motive in Devin Patrick Kelley?

Survivor of Texas Massacre​ Recounts the Words She Heard While Playing Dead, 'Everybody Dies Motherf**ker'

There seems to be a wide gap between what we know about Devin Patrick Kelley and what is being reported about him in the Mainstream Media.

In every crime, there are three elements that come in to play before it is committed: Motive, Means, and Opportunity. The means and opportunity are obvious in the case where a man bursts into a church and starts gunning down its helpless worshipers.  What we are left with after the fact is the reason for such a carnage and destruction of human life.  Why would someone specifically target a church in a small town and systematically execute unarmed people?  Reports are coming in that Devin Patrick Kelley specifically targeting crying children who had no hope of defending themselves.  This kind of maliciousness goes beyond what most people can even contemplate but it does show the kind of mindset that can put aside all forms of morality, ethics, and empathy as it sets out to fulfill its ruthless ambitions.  What were those ambitions and why did they require the deaths to occur specifically in a small country church?

Since the event, that shocked the world, a picture of Devin Patrick Kelley life is coming together.  He was a troubled man who had an enormous tendency to violence.  His first marriage broke down through violence, he fractured his own son’s skull in an attack and as a result, was dishonorably discharged from military service.  There are even reports that he had escaped from a mental institution at some stage.

Yet we are still left with the question of why he chose to target a church and why he chose to deliberately execute everyone he could.  His actions go far beyond taking revenge upon a hated ex-mother-inlaw to collective hatred of target group of people.  Devin could have gone to the homes of the people he hated.  He could have stalked them individually to satisfy his individual revenge.  However, that was not enough, he wanted to take his wrath out on an entire congregation.

Image result for Devin Patrick Kelley facebook

People who knew Devin through his online social media accounts describe a man who was a fanatical atheist who had nothing but contempt for religious people.  He considered them to be stupid and contemptible.  He was linked to a number of atheist social media accounts and had no hesitation in preaching that he collectively hated Christians.

Nina Rose Nava, who also said she attended school with Kelley had this to say:

“[I]n complete shock! I legit just deleted him off my [Facebook] cause I couldn’t stand his post. He was always talking about how people who believe in God [were] stupid and trying to preach his atheism.”

At least one atheist group that Devin associated with now wants to distance itself from any their infamous subscriber.

“Reports say the Texas shooter ‘liked’ my Facebook page,” he posted on Twitter in the wake of the attack. “It should go without saying that his actions go against everything I stand for.”

Law officers have also been trying to steer the blame away from atheism:

“This was not racially motivated, it wasn’t over religious beliefs,” Freeman Martin, a regional director with the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Despite the domestic issues surrounding this case, no one has explained how a mass murder attack upon a church of people is not religiously motivated.  It beggars belief.

The entire picture of what was going through the mind of Devin may never be known however authorities and media commentators have been quick to steer away from any mention of his contempt of people who believed in god.

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